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Education for Life
"The EFL Philosophy on Education"


A holistic, experiential educational philosophy & practice in its 40th year that has won accolades internationally for its ability to foster both joy & success in learning as well as meeting life's challenges throughout children's journey from one developmental stage of maturity to the next.

> Academic excellence without stress
> Joy in learning . . . through experiential rather than rote study
> Top ranking on tests alongside ability to question, "think outside the box", & create Values "caught, not taught"
> Recognition for well-roundedness & leadership following graduation or transfer


> Practical skills for living alongside & embedded within traditional studies
> The same goal as life's: for children to become on all levels—heart, mind, body, spirit—more balanced, mature, effective, harmonious, & happy
> Learning that will last a lifetime
> Development of universally valued traits & qualities
> Effective blend of India's spiritual wisdom with Western material efficiency
> For more than 40 years, EFL has provided the keys to success for "living wisdom" schools and many educators in the USA and Europe. Holistic, experiential, and student-centred, it is rooted in ancient Indian philosophies but modernised.
> In EFL's quiet development of universally recognised, non-sectarian values such as creative thinking and beneficial choice-making, and in its encouragement of mutual learning by students and teachers, the instructional process is a joy. This, however, is not at the expense of academics. Time and again, EFL students' test scores average out in the top tier. When EFL students transfer to other schools and move into adulthood, they are recognised as wonderfully prepared for life, able to surmount and even welcome challenges—thus, natural leaders.
Beyond the classroom..

EFL is equally applicable at home, for it is a gentle guide toward the development of maturity-defined as the ability to take the realities of others into consideration. Surely, after all, this is the true goal of education! Toward this goal, EFL facilitates conscious parenting by helping parents act more effectively in their role as their children's first, and most important, teachers.