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Young children have small appetites and need several nutritious meals and snacks during the day for optimal growth & development. In order to ensure that the daily nutritional requirements of growing children are adequately met, we offer healthy and hygienic meals and snacks at TSTS School & Daycare. Our Meal Planner is designed in such a way so as to ensure that every meal includes food from at least 3 Food groups: Protein rich, Fruits & Vegetables, Energy/ Carbs, Milk and Alternatives.
For example:
Spinach & Corn + Yoghurt + Parantha + Apple Slices
Tomato & Vegetable Pasta + Butter Corn + Banana wheels
Vegetable Vermicelli + Fruit Custard
We ensure that Fruits or fruit Platter is served daily so that children gradually develop the habit of healthy eating and snacking. They are introduced to a variety of fruits and encouraged to try them even if they do not usually have it at home. We have observed that children eat quite well and learn independent eating habits when they are in the company of other children of the same age group.
The TSTS Brunch Menu for School kids and Lunch & Snacks Menu for the Daycare are posted in the Update link every month.

Sample Menu

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Veggie Burger, Butter Corn & Fruit Salad Rice ,Dal,Aloo Sabzi & Butter Corn Nutrela & Peas Parantha, Yogurt & Poha Seasonal Veg,Chapati,Dal, Yogurt & Fruit Salad Chana Bhatura Yogurt & Fruit Salad
Vegetable Stir Fry & Veg. Fried Rice Banana Wheels Moong Dal, Khichdi & Yogurt Fruit Salad Tomato & Vegetable Pasta Spring roll Idli-Sambher Coconut Chutney Fruits Kidney Beans Rice, Yogurt,Salad
Cheese Garlic Bread & Vegetable Sweet Corn Soup Stuffed Parantha with Curd & Bread Roll Chana Dal Khichdi Yogurt Butter Corn Aloo- Puri & Yogurt Halwa Dal-Makhani, Parantha Aloo sabji, Yogurt,Veg Noodles
Paneer Kathi Roll Sprout Salad Pea Paneer, Parantha ,Salad,Yogurt Fruits Pao Bhaji &French Fries Chick pea Curry & Rice, Yogurt Salad Vegetable Fried Rice, Yogurt & Sprout Salad
Dosa-Sambher Coconut Chutney Poha Bean Curry Chapati,Salad, Yogurt &Maggi Masti