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Our Story

            Dr. Deepa Narula shares the story of the inception of TSTS & her vision of the learning program at the school.

“Living in Canada for the past several years, I wore several hats – that of a parent toddler going to play school and daycare, parent of his sibling in primary grade, a teacher in the Canadian public (Government) school system as well as a student of Teacher Education programs at the Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba. Time and again, I was stuck by the same realization: how much more hands on, experiential the whole learning process was in the Canadian schools. The learning process encouraged creative thinking and originality; the emphasis was always on “letting the child figure things out” instead of us teachers telling them and making them “learn”. Our endeavour at The Sylvan Trails Schools will be to fill that dearth of contemporary and international educational programs that I see missing in classrooms here. Drawing upon the educational pedagogy of theorists like Howard Gardner, Maria Montessori, Piaget, John Dewey and the Reggio Emilia approach, the effort will be to provide nurturing and stimulating learning environment.

Play, discover and explore is the heart and soul of our planner. We believe that children learn best through active and engaging sensory experience. We focus on the little leaner’s growth in the gross motor skills, self esteem and natural curiosity. In order to kindle the desire for lifelong learning, our educational approach allows lot of direct hands on the experiences with people, objects and events.”