The Sylvan Trails School
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Pokemon Masters Age (3 - 4 Years)

Focus Areas
• Stimulating and Safe.
• Care provided by cheerful, loving & caring staff.
• Stress on good manners, personality development, good hygiene and safety habits, children’s socialization vis- a- vis peer group and adults.
• Regular Assessment Review to track each child’s process vis-à-vis development of Skill Sets viz.: Interpersonal skills, Self-Management skills, Kinesthetic, Fine & Gross Motor skills, Language & Communication skills.
• Stress on Vocabulary Development through Rhymes, Action Songs, Music and Movements, Dance.
• Imagination and Creativity: Role Play Room with Kitchenette, Doll House, Role Play Costumes.
• Facilities to develop Fine Motor Skills: Montessori equipment & activities, Sorting, Stacking and Nesting Toys, Play Dough, Balls.
• Facilities to develop Gross Motor Skills : Fitness toys & outdoor equipment, Step Ladders, Hoopla Rings, Scooters, Ride On, Bikes for Tykes, Sand Pit, Slides.
Attuned to Nature to bring soothing Calmness & Joy – Lush green campus with tents & for Nature Walks, Nature Treasure Hunt, Outdoor story sessions & Picnic Lunches.