The Sylvan Trails School
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“ My heart is tuned to the quietness that the stillness of nature inspires.”

-Hazrat Inayat Khan

The TSTS USP is the lush green campus, pristine and pollution free environs that soothe & nurture. In the present world of competition, fast past life replete with gadgets & gizmos, it is very important to attune to nature to get soothing calmness & joy. As most parents in Gurgaon are young professionals with hectic lifestyles, The Sylvan Trails School & Daycare provides a Facility that truly nurtures and brings centeredness & inner calmness.
Let your child experience the joy of spending time in the lap of nature, relish the pleasure of sowing seeds of plant & veggies, observing how they grow each day finally enjoying the taste of fresh, organic vegetables. Whether it is eating picnic lunches on the lawn and observing the little bunnies nibble at their carrot slices, watching the bright butterflies flit about, enjoying the rich abundance of blooming flowers, going on nature trails, enjoying story telling sessions or browsing a book in a hammock, the pleasures of nature are manifold. Children today spend more time with their TV, computers, Iphones and Ipads instead of playing outdoors. They have no idea what to do if there is no electricity as they are too dependent on gadgets for all types of entertainment. They are becoming couch potatoes and have lost touch with the outside world, with no avenues to experience real nature and appreciate what all it has to offer. Our society needs a wake up call. All the more reason why we at TSTS are committed to actualizing our school’s tagline.

“ Inspired by Nature, Nurtured for life”
Our school’s architecture and landscaping is naturally conducive for us to follow the educational pedagogy and methodology of the Reggio Emilia Approach. Our activity and theme planners are designed so as to maximize the potential for growth not only in social, emotional and mental awarenessbut also in gross and fine motor skill.
The school educational approach and programs will be guided by the maxim of bringing the best of both world’si.e the western approach coupled with the strength of Indian culture and traditions to provide a most enriching educational experience for our little learners.